Doggies Bath and Groom

*Experience makes a difference

Our process gently cleans both coat and skin. Along with a great haircut, they will have less scratching, shedding and irritation. Not only will they smell great again but will be rejuvenated like they were when they were a puppy.

Because we care for your doggie's protection, we require annual shot records. We would be happy to contact your Veterinarian for a phone verification.

Melodie Sturdevant
Owner/Groomer CPR and
Companion Animal Hygienist


Welcome to Doggies

To schedule an
appointment call
(562) 691-8696

1951 E. La Habra Blvd A-2
La Habra CA 90631
Corner of Palm St. and E. La Habra Blvd
near La Habra / Brea border

"I'm Tito, who are you?"

"I like the bows!" Coco

"We have a good time at Doggies. Hudson, did you hear the one about the Chihuahua and the Great Dane? They didn't see eye to eye!" Barkley

"Hey, take it from me, Karlo, these groomers are great!"

Grooming *
Nails *Teeth * Ears * Hydro-Massage Bath
This is a low stress bathing and grooming experience for dogs. By utilizing calm assertive control, dogs relax and enjoy the experience of a temperature controlled hydro-massage bath. Grooming becomes an easier process for the groomer and a positive experience for the dog.

* All Groomers, at Doggies Bath and Groom, have years of experience and continue their education to stay current on the latest products and styles in the dog grooming industry. Experience makes a difference.

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